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Indian Telecom Story (Part XXXVII): Overcoming MNP blues!

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on January 23, 2011

In a post some days back, i had discussed the impact of Mobile Number Portability on the Indian Telecom Operators. MNP has occupied a lot of mind space of Telecom reports, discussions and blogs over the last few days.

Impact of MNP on postpaid subscribers could be an industry-wide game changer.Marketing costs of retention of subscribers could rise gradually. Higher spends on service retention, deep discounts, near-term increase in S&M (sales and marketing) costs, network expenses and other investments could risk Telco profitabilities by 5-8%!

How does an operator optimize his investments into building a better customer service and brand-engagement? Here are a few direction pointers:

1. Process optimization based on lessons from FMCG, retail and banking industries would lead to reducing turnaround times and provisioning errors.
2. Complaint handling and document management procedures can also be enhanced.
3. Operators would need to devise holistic strategies to build ‘best-in-class’ customer services. This can be enhanced by a greater insight into subscribers and their points of engagement with the company. Outsourced operations that have customer-centric activity will be re-looked at with a renewed vigor.
4. Marketing analytics of cluster and segment subscribers based on the usage and demographic patterns can lead to a critical insight into behavioral patterns.
5. Predictive analytics can ensure a better engagement with promotions and schemes.If subscribers are broadly divided on the basis of profile or occupation, each of them is likely to have different levels of affinity to exercise portability.
6. The perception of true value, beyond the traditional freebies and promotional services, would make the subscriber more willing to remain loyal to their service providers.
7. Subscriber points of engagement would be better analyzed, quality service level differentiation better implemented and marketed.

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  1. […] 5. Net, MNP has had very little impact in Indian markets. However, it would be in best interests of operators, customers and markets that a charter of “to-dos” that i had discussed in an earlier post are adhered to for stemming …. […]

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