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Apps: The new face of Internet (Part I)

Posted in Applications and User Interfaces, Technology impact on economy and population by Manas Ganguly on February 11, 2011

Theres an App for that!…Apple

In an earlier post, i had written about focus on innovation for apps and services to customer centric models amidst larger value creation templates with more stakeholders. It also shows the roadmap and indicators for value creation.

This post is about how Applications and an eco-system around apps will drive the next level of growth in Internet. “Next level of growth” is mostly a clichéd term. To put my argument in perspective. i will use a few stats:

So here’s the cliche no.1: Europe 58.4%, North America 77.4% and Australia 61.3% is where Internet growth is falling. Having featured the first wave of internet growth, it was about time, that the fast and furious growth in Internet numbers abated here-on. Also, these geographies house only 17.4% of the world population. Hence, the next level of growth in Internet has to be powered by 82% of the world pop scattered around elsewhere.

Cliche no.2: BBC estimated sometime around mid 2010, that the number of mobile phones globally has hit the 5 billion mark. Infact, there were interesting comparisons about Mobile phones and bank accounts and toilets, each a surrogate milestone in development of the world.

Cliche no 3: It is therefore expected that Mobile phones will be the next carriers of internet to a very large population around the world. That, more then half of the 5 billion phones are typically low end phones with very little capabilities will severely test the delivery mediums of Internet.

So here come Apps (Continued here)

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