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HP’s Future: Of Cloud, Convergence, Applications and Analytics

HP is developing a portfolio of cloud services, from infrastructure to platform services, and will also deploy an open cloud marketplace combining a secure consumer apps store and an enterprise application and services catalogue. HP’s scalable, converged infrastructure and leadership in software, services, PCs and web-connected printers, is a huge advantage as going forward to define, deliver and run the truly connected world that spans cloud and connectivity, from the consumer through the enterprise.

The HP marketplace will integrate consumer, enterprise and developer services and will support multiple languages. The platform will be open to third-parties, although HP will vet applications for security and interoperability to maintain the integrity of the marketplace. The cloud service will also be device-aware, sending the appropriate services to the correct device; it will be intuitive and suggest applications the user might need. HP plans to build a full cloud stack and help customers to transition to hybrid cloud environments.

In the near future, the impact of cloud and connectivity is changing not only the user experience, but how individuals, small businesses and enterprises will consume, deploy and leverage information technology. HP also intends to be a leader in the area of connectivity through existing and upcoming context-aware consumer and enterprise devices.

The company plans to address real-time analytics for “big data,” the combination of structured and the much faster growing unstructured data set, the development of which HP’s pending acquisition of Vertica will help. The new “big data” appliance uses HP computing power combined with real-time, high-speed analytics from Vertica Systems. HP expects to have the HP-branded appliance ready for market in the second quarter of 2011. The proposed HP Vertica solution will offer a choice of delivery options – from appliance, to software, and in the cloud.

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