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Oracle: Staking a claim at the Mobile apps pie

Posted in Applications and User Interfaces by Manas Ganguly on March 17, 2011

As mobile apps gradually gain mainstream, companies are already beginning to take poll positions in terms of promoting their standards as the default industry standard.Here’s an article from zdnet by Ben Woods, which speaks about Oracle’s app development framework for Java apps that can also be featured on other mobile platforms.This effort would also help Oracle to get more developers on the Java Apps and enable the development effort.

Oracle has launched an extension for its app development framework that provides tools for developing Java-based apps on a variety of mobile platforms.

The Mobile Client is an extension of Oracle Application Development Framework ADF and can be used to design apps in a mix of design and Java code view. Oracle said the new toolkit allows developers to quickly build enterprise applications for a range of mobile devices without the need for future redevelopment.

“It simplifies application creation and deployment using a single, standard Java user interface (UI) framework and tooling for all supported devices. Developers can build once and deploy to multiple devices – and as support for new devices is added in Oracle ADF Mobile Client, applications can be deployed to the new platforms without redevelopment,” the company said in a statement on Monday.

The mobile client will support development of Java-based apps, which can then be run as local applications on a mobile device. Currently, apps can be deployed directly to Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices.

Oracle said that deep data service integration and the ability to access real-time and offline data sources make it well suited for developing apps across many enterprise sectors. The tools provide Oracle Database Lite Mobile Server for configurable data synchronisation tasks.

The software is designed to work with the Oracle Fusion framework but can also be used with other web services, Oracle said.

Apps built using the client can also access certain parts of a device’s hardware, such as the camera, GPS or barcode scanner using natively embedded Java code, in order to provide extra functionality.

The package also includes the ADF Mobile Browser, which is based on Java Server Faces technology. This element ensures compatibility across a range of mobile browsers which can have varying levels of CSS and JavaScript support, Oracle said.

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