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Mobile Browsing and App sales on Android has not been linear with its popularity and growth

Posted in Computing and Operating Systems, Industry updates, Mobile Computing by Manas Ganguly on April 2, 2011

Android’s march to prominence in smartphones has been inexorable and awe-inspiring. Furthermore ABI research believes that Android will dominate the smartphone scene with 45% marketshare by 2016. However, in the present context, Android’s market share gains may be illusory and Google’s OS has serious shortcomings.

Mobile Browsing and App sales on Android has not been linear with its popularity and growth

A broad sample of millions of website visitors detailed by Google Analytics indicates that the entire Android ecosystem combined, while slightly ahead of Apple’s iPhone 4, continues to be outpaced by Apple’s iOS, largely due to the rapid growth of iPad. This mirrors additional data that underlines Apple’s lead in both mobile browsing and app sales, refuting recent reports that claim Android is displacing iOS. Despite regular reports that Google’s Android platform has passed iPhone 4 in both installed base and growth, Android’s share of web visits over the iPhone is very slight and has not grown much over the past quarter. Recent SEO reports from ROI365 places 2.89% of the website visits coming from Android vs 2.62% coming from iPhone for

Q1,2011.However, in terms of a big picture, Android has never come close to passing iOS as a whole which is current 4.97% and includes three devices: iPod,iPad and iPhone. The stats don’t just stop there, as the iOS (41.5%) growth rate tops that of Android (40.98%). So while the entire Android platform with all of their partners, models, phones and tablets has outgrown the single iPhone 4 by 40.98% to 30.35% the past 4 months, iPad is outgrowing the entire Android ecosystem so significantly [that] it more than makes up for the iPhone deficiency plus some. And it just launched 3 weeks ago and millions of people who want them can’t get their hands on them yet.

Android has multiple issues which make the eco-system a discontinuous one and Developers/Programmers writing for Android are finding the ecosystem to be perilous as far as effort-monetization and returns is concerned. Developing Apps for multiple device, multiple store is increasingly a game of diminishing returns. This compares unfavorably against Apple App Store, which provides a single store seamless and unified experience. What complicates matters for developers is also the monetization conundrum.

to be continued

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