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Semantic Web: The Future is here!

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on April 7, 2011

Web 2.0 interposes the social domain over Web 1.0 (Plain internet: email, websites and others). It seeks to profile a consumer basis different demographic indices and make “intelligent” recommendations.

Web 3.0 will interpose lot of other things (loosely defined as context) along with Web 2.0. One important dimension that will be added to Web 3.0 is mobility and “active” nature. Active means that the Web reaches out to me basis contextually profiled information (As against “passive” where users access internet). Applications that transcend across TV, Web, Mobile, Car Screen and more will be the feature of Web 3.0 also called Semantic web. The focus in Web 3.0 will shift from data and information indexing to personal profiles and context. Thus while Web 1.0 was a well indexed library of resources, Web 2.0 is social indexing of information and resources, Web 3.0 or Semantic Web will be an “intelligent web” that learns and profiles the user and then steps up relevant information to the user as per the context.

Context here will be decided by a combination of engines: Location Based Engines,HTML5, LAYAR, Recommendations, Profiling, Scanners, Sensors and a host of other engines which will personalize the web according to user behaviour.

Computing in its next avatar will be more about media consumption. I would call it “my Media, everywhere”. Thats where Applications, Cloud Computing, High speed networks, NUIs (Like Kinect) and APIs will hold the sway. Thus the future is Semantic web, always on, always connected, always aware of the context and hence user-relevant at all times.

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  1. Elias said, on June 1, 2011 at 1:25 am

    I´m researching about social indexing at IPADE Business School. Would you like to contribute to the research with opinions and references?


    • Manas Ganguly said, on June 1, 2011 at 12:10 pm


      Happy to help. You will have to explain Social Indexing to me. What it actually means. I am sure i have been talking about Social Indexing under different names and concepts.

      Refine it for me and i will be able to contribute better. My email ID is


  2. Yuriy Guskov said, on June 30, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    Well, future is here but Semantic Web is still something which is not available for general public and still remains for some a sort of “academic” thing, which is not practical. Of course, it is not true, or, at least, partly is not true. In general, there are two big problems with it: (a) usability, which means Semantic Web should be more human-friendly, (b) compatibility, which means Semantic Web should gracefully resolve compatibility issues. And there is still no solution.

    I try to propose the way of solving these and some other problems. Briefly said, it is the convergence between usability and meaning, which should change not only Semantic Web itself but the way we interact with computers. Think about precise search. Think about exact identification. Think about human-friendly and fine-grained semantics. The way we deal with user interface and even files are not ideal today until the moment we integrate semantics (namely integrate, not just using Semantic Web).

    If you are interested, you can find more on this:

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