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Q1,2011 Smartphone market shares: Canalys

Posted in Applications and User Interfaces, Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on May 5, 2011

1. Smartphones globally have grown by 83% to 101m (In Q1,2011) from 55.2m (In Q1,2010). However the markets have been flat Q1, 2011 over Q4.2011 with sales at 101million.
2. As against an estimated 80-84 million PCs shipped in the quarter, Smartphones have over sold PCs second quarter in succession.
3. Android, Apple and Bada have grown in the flat market whereas Symbian, Blackberry, Windows phones and others have lost footing.

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4. APAC emerges as the largest market for smartphones accounting for 40% of smartphone shipments (inspite of Japan’s poor show due to the earthquake). APAC has doubled its smartphone shipments (37.3 million) with biggest smartphone growths registered in China, South Korea and India.
5. US remained the largest country for smartphone shipments. Apple has substantially extending its lead, achieving a share of 31% device market share and growth of over 150% year on year. Volumes were boosted significantly by shipments of the iPhone 4 with Verizon Wireless. Android remained the leading smart phone platform in the US for the third consecutive quarter, with a 49% share. Growing by well over 200%, HTC became the leading Android vendor in the US and the second-place smart phone vendor in the country overall.

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6. Android emerges as the No.1 OS second quarter in succession and the trend does not look like changing any time soon in the future. Canalys expects Android to grow twice as fast as others in 2011. Android has registered a 35% market share, up by 7.2% against Q4,2010. Overall, Android shipments were helped by strong sales by its vendors including HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.
7. Nokia’s lost 15% share points and dropped from 39% smartphone share (with 21.5 mln volumes) in Q1,2010 to 24% in Q1,2011 (with 24mln volumes). Of these 9mln Nokia smartphones were sold alone in China and APAC region shipments contributed for 53% of Nokia global smartphone sales. Nokia sales fell 22% QOQ. Nokia has launched a few Symbian based smartphones which are expected to help Nokia’s smartphone numbers before it gives way into WP7 early next year. Nokia is under considerable strain in the smartphone market as it transitions strategy, platforms and people and that is showing through.
8. Apple with its double operator/ CDMA phone strategy grew 18% over Q4,2010.
9. Blackberry also shared the similar faith as Nokia with the wind being knocked out of its sails and registered a 4% QOQ drop. It returned a 14% market share in Q1, 2011 as against 19% in Q1,2011.
10. Samsung shipped nearly 3.5m phones running its Bada OS – which Canalys says outstripped total shipments of Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, launched in the fourth quarter of 2010. This shows that there is still room for multiple operating systems, and that vendors can benefit from maintaining control of device development to hit the right markets and price points.

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