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Consensus gathering on Apps as the Face of Internet (Internet of all Things)

Posted in Applications and User Interfaces by Manas Ganguly on May 29, 2011

The app Internet will dramatically alter the Web as users know it, force today’s leading technology vendors to adapt to a new business environment, and affect every job function in the business technology (BT) organization. Despite industry’s preoccupation with cloud computing, a standalone cloud or web solution is not the web architecture of the future.
Forrester Research CEO and Chairman of the Board George F. Colony.

I have always emphasized as the Internet delivery medium of the future: Always on, active, connected, Usage specific. Read my earlier posts on Apps: The new face of Internet ( Part II and Part I).

Inherent in this is the fact that Internet will evolve from the laptop, smartphone delivery to a more ubiquitous presence across a range of devices.The App medium will also be a driving force behind Semantic Web, the internet of all things. Internet in your Phone, TV, AC, Microwave, Electricals and more. Business organizations will have to focus on creating on alternate delivery mechanisms around their user and the solution through applications. Business Process Professionals will not create new applications without the app Internet, CIOs must prove they can embrace customer-centricity through the adoption of the app Internet, and Security & Risk Professionals will have great job security as companies are challenged with how to protect their enterprises in this new model. As the footprint of internet delivered through these alternate sources increases, app based solutioning will be critical.

So while, Apple has established leadership in the app Internet space, and web-centric companies such as Google and Facebook are risky bets in the app Internet market due to their overreliance on web-based technologies. Forrester estimates that the app Internet market was $2.2 billion in 2010 with a compound annual growth rate of 85 percent through 2015. Others like SAP and Oracle, must determine how they are going to price these apps, and PC vendors such as HP and Dell must reform the PC experience to focus on app stores, which will be on every connected device in the future and serve as the keys to the Internet. Microsoft has important pieces to enable the app Internet — such as its application framework Silverlight — but must transition to a world of low-cost, dynamic applications and out of the old desktop licensing model.

It also opens up a green field for innovators and other ventures to test the waters, offer innovative solutions across a range of devices. There is always ground for start-ups to come up with ground breaking solutions in here.

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