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Facebook:Closing in on 700 million subscribers

Posted in Social context, media and advertising by Manas Ganguly on May 31, 2011

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populous one globally just behind China and India. It would be marginally smaller than the combined populations of the 3rd,4th and 5th Populous nations: US, Indonesia and Brazil and would be larger than the combined populations of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia and Japan. This is an absolute jaw dropping milestone and one of the largest revolutions in the history of mankind… socially networking diverse communities and individuals. This then raised a question around the more effective nature of Web: Whether it was Social led or Search led ? By making the web social, Facebook was undermining the kind of Internet: Google!

The countries that contributed most to the growth were emerging countries, especially Brazil, Indonesia and India. Brazil and India are interesting because they’re huge and have other social networks. If Facebook dominates there, it can grow that much faster and dominate that much more.

The incredible and inexorable rise of Facebook has given a hallow effect to Social Networking as a tool of customer engagement and social change. Others like Linkedin have had huge valuations and bumper IPO listings on the premise and promise. The valuations are currently so stretched that deliveries of such high expectations look to be a steep ask…and thus the apprehension of another bubble similar to the Dotcom bubble in 2000. Facebook listing through an IPO is one of the most awaited events waiting to happen in the equity markets. Facebook is also putting in other enablers in place that take its core proposition around Social networks to new highs.

Facebook has registered a 99% users CAGR in last 3 years. A Phenomenon because no other company in recent history has had such a run as FB.

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