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Nokia iDoalotmore (in vain)

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on June 12, 2011

The bad thing about being a marketer is that sometimes you could be stuck up in your previous glory days for ever and your marketing campaigns are wasted on key elements and features that fail to reflect market realities. Nokia’s latest salvo at iPhone is called the iDoalotmore is scripted on these lines.

Symbian seriously is on its last legs as a smartphone platform of any reckoning and interest as well as sales is rapidly rapidly eroding from the platform. Therefore, there is a hint of ridicule when Nokia takes on the iPhone with its latest iDoalotmore campaign. This campaign was launched a day after iPhone4 was launched in India. Poking fun and snubbing the iPhone with a limited set of feature enhancements is NOT A GREAT MARKETING STRATEGY! Nokia goes to the extent of using the “i” in highlighting the feature lists. Interestingly, the campaign exhorts the Symbian platform which by Elop’s own volition is a burning platform.

Is it me, or is there little sense in Nokia trying to ape and bully down the iPhone? One is reminded of how Nokia tactical trying to block pout sales of iPhone 2 in 2008 by launching the N96 even before it was ripe. The campaign actually worked but in the long term, Nokia got ridiculed trying to match a smartphone with a featurephone. It didnot work for Nokia and N96 is history now.

While Nokia tries hard to impress,iPhone4 just has one word for itself: irresistible! That is Subliminal! Period.

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