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SEO is dead! Its time for Vertical searches to take over. Semantics come in next!

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on June 24, 2011

With the advent and evolution of Mobile as primary devices to access internet, the nature of search is beginning to change.Search has to evolve to keep pace with the changing nature of internet and be able to be relevant to browsing through mobiles as against through desktops or laptops.

Search 1.0
Traditional Web search is “horizontal” : complex algorithms, immense processing power, vast data centers, and even human editorial involvement are used in an attempt to span all sources to respond to queries.
These resources are used to “recall” all possible relevant links. The majority of the results produced are information resources and links to websites, rather than specific content. The user is faced with clicking through page after page of results. Broadband connections and powerful personal computers with large screens help make horizontal search useful, though often imprecise and labor intensive.

“Mobile” augments Search 2.0:Vertical Deep Dive Search
However search on mobile requires a different level of precision. Mobile,“on the go” users conduct their searches with less powerful, small screen devices and must deal with network limitations. They face an entirely different challenge and have different goals: 85% of the time they’re shopping for content they can consume on their phone. Results must be precise or the content simply won’t be discovered and consumed. Long click distances and click fatigue kill content discovery. The experience is frustrating for users and threatens revenue opportunities for mobile operators and content providers alike.

Mobile users are not looking at a million “matches” but possibly 10 deep matches, with huge degree of relevance, contextual applicability, profile understanding, local “sense”, social discover-ability and referencing and more.Users need to connect far faster—in 2-3 clicks—to the content in each of these relevant vertical channels, need linkages to payment gateways, social sites, rewards programs and much more. While there is a debate on how much content will be delivered: in terms of HTML5 web page or Applications, i would vote for Applications to be more versatile in doing the deep dives with user relevance. Add to this a decent dosage of Semantic Web and you have a huge opportunity to take search monetization to a new level with precision targeting and relevant solutions.

So where does SEO stand?
SEO, Adwords, Adsense are industries unto themselves which have allowed and helped users to refine data search and monetize effectively. However most of these techniques work on indexing the horizontal web- the dead links of Google. Search now is actively propelled by billions of bits of content created by the users collaborative, sourced from the crowd: Twitter and Facebook being the prime examples. These are examples of active web… always generating, creating and moving instead of the static web-pages of yore. Thus the delivery medium for these need to be mechanisms which are forever refreshing and renewing with new data.

Thus the challenge today is not SEO (ad placement), but to analyze, understand and cater to mobility experiences and i am betting my money on Applications and Vertical searches.

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