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While Symbian was the burning platform, Why is Elop burning the Meego platform?

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on June 27, 2011

Two years after Nokia and Intel tom-tomed a ground braking tie-up for new devices and platforms, the first baby of the marriage is born: The N9. For many who were fatigued by the Nokia Symbian (so called) smartphones, this was a good beginning, except that this is the end. Stephen Elop has pronounced that Nokia will not be supporting Meego development going forward. Given that the Meego powered N9 is one of the best devices that have come out of Nokia in the last year and two, and all encouraging responses, Nokia’s decision to pull the plug on Meego is baffling.

Tomi Ahonnen, one of the greatest critics of Stephen Elop has had a few strong views about Nokia and its American CEO often culminating into (almost) personal attacks.
“This guy is a clown, he deserves to be in a circus”
“Nokia’s new CEO is sounding less and less like a deranged psycopath these days, and more and more like a confused schizophrenic.”
“The Patient Heart Has Stopped. Now the Doctor ‘helps’ by starting to strangle the patient too”

Elop’s latest pre-disposition about Microsoft and WP is indeed a little queer. For want of anything better, he looks like Microsoft’s commissioner in charge of converting all of Nokia to Windows. How else could one miss the reading on N9 and Meego? It isnt about deserting one platform for another, it is about a viable alternative. By moving away from the Meego, Nokia is dangerously putting all its stakes on WP… an extremely heavy bet! WP as a platform has a few deficiencies yet which were far better settled by the Symbian and Meego. The current spate of actions from Elop favour Microsoft more than they do for Nokia.

Nokia’s inconsistency with Intel and consistency with Microsoft may be read to be a new found “focus” on the platforms but one must take into account that a Linux based Meego is possibly more acceptable to developers who are already developing on the Android platform than Microsoft WP which is not the de-facto standard in the industry.Microsoft WP7 platform has the smallest number of apps and its app store is the least-used app store of the major internationally launched smartphone platforms.

Nokia’s Symbian has traditionally had a migration path and Nokia even built a migration from Symbian to MeeGo via its developer tools called Qt. Thus any apps now developed for Symbian would also run on MeeGo. The developers of Symbian were particularly pleased with this extra effort that Nokia had invested in its ecosystem. WP7 operating system did not have a migration path from Symbian. WP did not have a migration path to or from MeeGo. It did not even have a migration path from the previous Microsoft OS, Windows Mobile. The previous Microsoft developers were particularly upset that Microsoft refused to support them in migration.Microsoft’s WP7 is not compatible with Android. Its not even compatible with Microsof’t’s own previous OS, Windows Mobile.

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