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Why iPhone will blunt the Android surge?

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on June 28, 2011

There are now over 500,000 Android devices activated every day, and it’s growing at 4.4% w/w: Andy Rubin on Twitter.

500K devices everyday or 1.5million a month, which ever way you see it, the number is certainly a very large one. That Android has its own issues in maintaining the sanctity of the platform is another thing all-together. Blackberry and Nokia need to be worried, very worried, because these numbers dont augur well for them. It means that a lot of BB and Nokia probables are slipping into Android and none of them really have an answer to the Android juggernaut.

However, the one platform and Device that stands to disrupt Android incredible growth is the Apple iPhone and here is how the iPhone could turn tables on Android.

1. iPhone 5 is supposed to be released this September and will be 4G compatible. More importantly, Apple is launching the iPhone5 as a world phone for both GSM and CDMA platforms.That is going to be massive traction for the iPhone.Apple is never going to make dozens of devices to match Android in “choice”, but the carrier part of the equation is being negated.

2. Another rumor suggested, that the iPhone 5 will feature a SIM card slot for other countries except US. This will allow users to insert any SIM card in iPhone when traveling abroad.

3. Apple may be launching a low-cost iPhone along with its iPhone 5 to boost its presence in emerging markets.This could be the big volume clincher. A $349 price point for the iPhone could be a table turner given that Price is the most important factor in smartphone purchase decisions (read survey here).

4. The iPhone5 is also rumored to spec up both on Camera (8MP?) and battery life… both critical parameters.

5. Apple has also won a significant patent for capacitive touchscreens on touchphones. Apple could therefore potentially force competitors to licence their patent. This does place the onus on rival manufacturers to prove their device is not mimicking Apple.

6. Also Apple has a head start over Androids in the tablet segment with 9 out of 10 tablets sold being the iPad. A recent Comscore survey shows that 97% percent of US internet surfing and 89% of Global internet surfing on tablet-based devices worldwide is coming from iPads.The utter failure of Android based tablets to gain meaningful marketshare makes a strong case for the sales success of Android-based phones being little more than a carrier-based vacuum-filling exercise

7. The Verison CDMA iPhone sold 2.2 million units in its first quarter. Simultaneously Market agencies Nielsen and Needham-IDC reported that Android’s surge in US markets was flattening.Q1 2011 data show that while iPhone gained 12.3 percentage points to 29.5% US market share, Android’s share in the U.S. fell from 52.4% to 49.5% — its first sequential loss in any region of the world since early 2009.

The seven factors put together give iPhone5 a lot of power to take the wind out of sails of the Android Juggernaut. Just how it pans out, we would wait and watch!

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