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Google+: The new “Big Boy” in all things “social”

Posted in Internet and Search, Social context, media and advertising by Manas Ganguly on July 4, 2011

Facebook has 750 million users with about half of them logging into the social network on every given day. Google+, is 2 weeks old and looks to be in a hurry to break the 10 million mark. It could also break the 20 million user number if Google keeps the invitation button active. The numbers do provide evidence that there’s demand for another sizable social network–and that Google isn’t necessarily forever doomed to fail in trying to launch it. Google+ is already expected to cross the 100 million user base the fastest in history. So torrential was the response to Google+, that it ran out of disc space. Even Google had not anticipated that kind of response.

So then, Why is Google+ the new “big boy” in the “social” block?

Firstly, Google+ is extremely well executed and users are already smitten. Personally, I see Google’s attempt at Google+ not as anything ground breaking except the neat manner in which it has been packaged.+1 recommendations, Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Documents, Photos, Reader, YouTube, Books, Videos, and all other Google properties successful or otherwise re-packaged in an extremely fluidic user experience which leverages the social context between groups of people enabling sharing, creating, discussing and more. For sometime now, Facebook has been snubbing Google’s nose for the laters inability to claim the social space. Google’s answer takes learnings from Facebook, Twitter and even Linkedin (Something about Google+ Business). Its seamless integration with other Google services, from search to online documents, makes it easier to share things online.

The whole console which features best of social networking, friends circles, social circles, social buzz, videos, photos and others makes for a heady cocktail and the User experience adds the special something. An interesting move this, Google+ could be Google’s definitive move into things social.

To be continued

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