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Why i love Google+?

Posted in Social context, media and advertising by Manas Ganguly on July 6, 2011

Contd from earlier post

After a decade of playing with social communities, the Google+ plus interface is possibly the best. From a design perspective, it’s very squeaky clean, making Facebook’s interface look a little dated. However, it packs all the features that people like on their Networking space. The Circles with its drag and drop feature, cute aligning of friends, easy categorization and intuitive use is the best. While other social networks attempt to categorise contacts into different groups, Google+ has nailed it.

The content piece or Sparks as it is called, allows the user to follow items of interest quite like Twitter where one may follow content creators and their links. This might be the earliest avatar of the Web 3.0 where the Sparks could throw up recommendations based upon an individual choices and profiles. Sparks would learn from Google products (e.g. Google Search) as well as what is being shared via Google+ and through +1.The videocam chat is called the Hangout.

Google+ also allows for some degrees of privacy protection. The privacy link displays useful tips about how to protect what is being shared. Even better, each time the user posts content, he gets to choose what circle he would be sharing information with. While there has been criticism about Google+ revealing that they plan to retire private profiles at the end of July. Privacy — deciding whom the user shares different posts with — seems to be top of mind on Google+. That’s a relief after Google’s earlier debacle with Google Buzz, which had arrived unsolicited and initially created circles of friends automatically based on whom they’ve corresponded with on Gmail. Unlike Facebook, which allows users to maintain a private account that won’t show up in searches, Google+ will keep some basic information, such as user name and gender, public.

Unlike Twitter, which forces a 140 character limit, Google+ Stream posts comments allow for more space and more content being shared and allows for a threaded view on topics, comments, recommendations and others.

The Huddle allows a clique kind of environment for specific larger group conversations without other eavesdropping. Thats new considering that FB doesnot incorporate a multi user chat and Twitter allows group, but the chat is visible to public.

The Picassa integration into Photos is another feature which emphasizes sharing. Fortunately and to many people’s relief it has a level of provacy setting where it asks permissions group wise.

From the looks of it Google had actively and simultneously planned for the Android App based integration and the services runs very intutively on the Android devices. The key feature as with the web version is that it has a brilliant interface and great user experience for the users.

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