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The future in Microprocessing

Posted in Mobile Computing by Manas Ganguly on September 5, 2011

As the mobility revolution matures and smartphones start penetrating lower price brackets, Microprocessor chip makers such as Qualcomm and NVIDIA are becoming the superpowers of computing devices. According to a recent release by NVIDIA, revenue from NVIDIA’s mobile chip unit projected to mushroom tenfold by 2015, to a whopping $20 billion. Mobile processing sector will see very robust growth in the next 5 year horizon. It is estimated that there are about 100 million devices that will need chips this year — a figure that could soon rise to one billion, on the strength of more affordable smartphones, efficient ARM processors and the rise of ultra-thin notebooks. Between 2011-15, Gartner expects 4 billion smartphones being sold. Personally the 4bn number for smartphones appears to be a stretch given that it took Telecom industry a good decade and more to have 4bn subscribers on mobile networks. However, there are very many factors including price, better networks and mainstreaming of Internet that should benefit the massification of smartphones and tablets.

A few pointers in the general direction of microprocessors and computing given below:
1. Even while the demand for higher computing power increases and we would see more and more of dual and quad core processors, demand for graphics performance is also slated to increase.
2. Cloud based, Version and Platform independent technologies such as Microsoft’s Silverlight will play also feature in major roles in future cloud-based developments.
3. What this means for device manufacturers and content hosts is that the companies without a solid mobile strategy are “in deep turd.”
4. The only spanner in the wheel is that the ongoing patent wars between tablet and smartphone manufacturers may be a dampener to the growth projections for mobile computing even while immediate impact of the patent wars on mobile computing eco-system will not be too high .

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