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Highlights of Draft National Telecom policy 2011

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on October 10, 2011

Mission of NTP 2011:- To offer Broadband on Demand to all Indians and develop state of Art network special focus on rural broadband.

Vision of NTP 2011:- To provide secure, reliable and high speed broadband to all.

Rural Initiatives:-
1) To increase the rural density to 60% by 2017 from 35%. And ultimately to 100% by 2020.
2) Provide high speed Broadband to village panchayat through the high speed fibre by 2014.

One Country, one license regime:-
1) Intra Circle MNP to be allowed.
2) Review of the roaming charges, with the ultimate aim of removing them.

Spectrum initiatives:-
1) To provide 500Mhz by 2020, 300Mhz by 2017 and further 200Mhz by 2020.
2) To allow pooling, Sharing and Trading (later on) of Spectrum .
3) Separate spectrum Act to be enacted for the management of spectrum.
4) Spectrum to be de-linked from license. And the price to be determined through market driven process.
5) Periodic Audit of spectrum to make sure that it is utilised efficiently.
6) Roadmap for spectrum every 5 years to ensure the future availability.

Other highlights:-
1) Affordable broadband on demand to 175mn by 2017 and 600mn by 2020, with minimum speed of 2Mbps.
2) Will seek TRAI’s recommendation on new licenses, migration to new licenses and exit policy.
3) To regulate VAS, in order to provide the converged services.
4) Change in the definition of broadband from current speed of 256Kbps to 512Kbps and finally to 2Mbps.
5) Delinking license from the usage of service- network provider is not necessary the service provider.
6) Promote the domestic manufactured equipments upto 80% of total requirement.

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