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Digital Disruption- The time to adapt is now. The case study of HTML5

Posted in Uncategorized by Manas Ganguly on October 28, 2011

In the era of converging technologies and boundary-less services paradigm, digitally enabled consumers are seeking to forever alter the way companies serve them. The YouTube, Facebook and Groupon generation of Digital consumers want more benefits, more easily, than they received in an analog world. Coupled with that crowd-sourced ideas and oddities, which are disrupting business paradigms more than ever. The enabled and connected consumers are able to introduce and experiment idea frameworks on a more cheaper and larger/global scale than ever before with the reach of Web technologies. The effects of digital disruption would start over-ruling industries in the immediate future perspective.

Companies, both old economy and new economy are today wary of the digital disruption and are working at such on disruption readiness to counter their disruption vulnerability. An example to serve here is the case of HTML5 which is going to redefine internet and web experiences as never before. Who then are the losers? Microsoft, Apple and Adobe for example, each with an empire that has taken a decade or two to build but may see quick decimation thanks to the platform agnostic media programming and distribution paradigm that HTML5 advocates. Notwithstanding the disruption readiness that these majors are putting in place, HTML5 would still be instrumental in liberating the Web and eroding the high market share standings available with Microsoft, Apple and Adobe.

Ready or not, the only solution available to companies will be to become a digital disruptor to their existing lines of business. By cannibalizing the present and future, will the present day businesses be able to invent the future. Planning for digital disruption is the new mode of doing business, which is constantly seeking the next adjacent possibility and working to quickly deliver product experiences that satisfy the digital consumers.

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