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Facebook’s mobile ambitions could pose a threat to Microsoft, Google and … possibly Apple

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on November 9, 2011

A stat that caught my eye was that every 8th minute on the internet is spent of Facebook. Increasingly, Facebook is becoming the connective tissue between users, websites and apps, and the social circles.
Facebook is increasingly becoming the sort-of web equivalent of an operating system, including its own application platform. This whole web OS thing seemed like it was going to be Google’s role, but right now, Facebook seems to be making bigger strides.

To take it a notch higher, Facebook intends on becoming more of a mobile platform, and not just an app or service. Towards this Facebook has acquired the HTML5 “app delivery network” Strobe. To have maximum value, Facebook needs companies building on top of it in mobile the way they do on the desktop web.

In doing this now, Facebook can have the effect of running both Google and Micrsoft obsolete.The more that Facebook and the Mobile web consume the user’s time, attention, and effort for communication and entertainment, the less will be the need to be using a device that runs Windows, which is the old way of organizing apps and web resources. In other words, Facebook is actively making Windows irrelevant.

Google with its Android platform is the next stop for Facebook. Whether it acquires WebOS as its medium for challenging Android or build its own platform on the Android, Facebook has the capacity of taking weaning users away from Android. And Facebook has decent enough traction amongst device makers, app makers and others in the eco-ssystem to give Android a run for its money.

This also takes Facebook a step further from challenging Apple at its turf. Presently, Apple makes money from selling hardware — iPhones, iPads, Macs, and iPads. All those apps — including Facebook, the most popular iPhone app of all — are there to grease the wheels and sell more hardware. Facebook is currently not in the business of hardware but all this then takes it to a position, where the next step could be making own hardware and voila! we have a direct Apple competitor.

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