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Generations in computing interfaces and the Promise held out by Siri

Posted in Applications and User Interfaces by Manas Ganguly on November 19, 2011

The future of computing devices is really about how people interface with computing devices.

Generation #1:Many would remember the ubiquitous keyboard and the QWERTY keys which defined the early days of mobile computing. Remember having to key an SMS while navigating your car. It was not just difficult, it was fatal.

Generation #2: Haptic or touch based interface for computing was around for many years, but it was Apple’s iPhone and iPad range of devices along with Androids which truely revolutionized this scene and in effect put the Generation #1 devices into history books.

Generation #3: Gesture control and gesture recognition is really a evolution of the Generation #2 Haptic feedback devices on a much larger scale in tersm of being able to read body movements in a 3D plane. Interestingly this input mechanism came through from the world of gaming. Microsoft Kinect and to a some extent Microsoft Surface defined this generation of interfaces.

Generation #4: The easiest human interface is that of Speech. And after defining the interfaces with multi-touch, it was Apple which took this one step much further into future than Andbody else. Yes! Google had the speech recognition technology much ahead of Apple. However it was Apple’s fate to add the dash of character and spunk to Voice recognition – called Siri which holds a huge promise into future.

This presentation analyzes the factors why Siri could ultimately do something none could ever do before it- Challenge the Search paradigm. Again the simplicity of the voice interface and Siri’s character and spunk is what differentiates Siri. But in some time, Siri could be the de-facto standard, with app developers and Apple’s presence across a huge range of consumer based devices chnaging the way people search – by saying it out. Apple could take the whole paradigm further with intelligence on the voice enabled platform. It would be an interesting duel between Apple and Google and Siri could change the future.

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