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The dawn of Tablet computing

Posted in Industry updates, Mobile Computing by Manas Ganguly on November 28, 2011

In 2009-10, Apple changed the tablet computing landscape with the launch of iPad- In a very short period of time, tablets have absolutely changed the computing landscape. Tablets bring computing to new areas where using a computing devices was not really practical and feasible. The tablet now roles up as media consumption device, a great browsing experience and has spawned a complete applications based eco-system redefining the web touch points with the consumer. In that sense it removes the situational disabledness around media conssumption and the challenge to interface properly with the device. It has also extended the time period in the day which people spend with any kind of computing device. Google, Microsoft, HP and RIM have since followed suit with varying degrees of success.

From the consumption perspective, Future of consumption devices is really about how people interface with computing devices. Tablets enhance the touch interface with a larger screen and the mobility factor. Add to that the fact that these devices are always online, instant on, portable, application based and are essentially media consumption machines is adding to the degree of adoption of these machines. Tablets, fundamentally redefine interface with computing devices, the way we interact and use devices i.e. multitouch, gesture and voice recognition and are changing the way people interact with their devices.

What sets the tablet apart quite clearly is that it works on a converged platform where services (Music, Video, Gaming, e-Books, GPS, eMail and Social networking etc) combine the use cases with the delivery platform to present itself in one neat Application package on the Tablet. Again the combined used case is that of media consumption on the tablet.

Thus, summarizing the growth and promise in tablets, my perspective is that given multifunctionality, contextual relevance, new modes of connectivity, a thriving apps eco-system and interface elements such as touch based intuitive interface and usage hygiene will fuel rapid expansion in reach and purchases.

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