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Can Facebook unseat Apple/Android at their own game, within their own ecosystem?

Posted in Applications and User Interfaces, Value added services and applications by Manas Ganguly on January 11, 2012

Facebook’s genesis was in terms of being a web destination and while Facebook is the no.1 mobile app globally across diverse platforms, Facebook was loosing traction to Android and Apple which harbored a collaborative eco-system approach. With 350 million users accessing facebook from Mobiles on a monthly basis that was too big an opportunity to hand it over to iOS and Android platforms.

Thus came into being Facebook’s recent push into HTML5 with Project Spartan,which features apps built for Facebook’s platform that can run on top of the Facebook Messenger app, instead of requiring the user to launch the iOS app equivalent. This poses a disintermediation challenge to Apple. Facebook is trying to beef up its payments system, Facebook Credits, to handle application payments and cut out the iTunes model ingrained into the iOS ecosystem.Facebook is demonstrating that it can leverage its hold over consumers at the software level, through the power of the social network, across multiple platforms.

So now, here’s an interesting question: Can Facebook unseat Apple/Android at its own game, within its own ecosystem?

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