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How Android stormed India! (The dynamics and insights behind the growth of Android)

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on January 12, 2012

How the Red Worm (Android) came from nowhere to demolish the Black Worm (Symbian)

1. Introduced in 2Q,2009, it has taken Android 10 quarters to come from a zero base to the best selling Mobile OS in India.
2. Android has an installed base of 3 million users in India.
3. The very first Android phone in India was launched in Q2, 2009 by HTC Dopod
4. Android beat Windows to become the no.3 OS in Q2,2010
5. Android became the no.2 OS in India in Q4,2010 beating Blackberry
6. 10 quarters after the launch of Android,in Q3, 2011, Android became the No.1 Smartphone OS in India beating a rapidly declining Symbian.

Prior to Android, Indian Smartphone OS was polarized by Symbian which ran across smartphones from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG. Barring Blackberry, other OSs such as Windows, Linux had never been market favourites really. Android provided the much needed variety and option for Smartphone OSs in India.

7. Only a meager 2% of total Android activations in India have been CDMA devices. 79% of CDMA Android devices are Samsung devices.
8. Samsung having sold 1.2mn Android devices is the largest Android seeder in the Indian Market. HTC follows with .93 mn 9. Android handsets sold. Sony Ericsson is a distant third with .43mn Android devices sold.
10.Both Samsung and HTC contribute 70% of the total Android sales in India.
11.Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG and Moto contribute to 90% of the total Android sales in India. While a number of local manufacturers have tried to ride the Android wave, success has so far been limited.
12.Sub-brands such as Galaxy, Wildfire, Xperia, Desire, Optimus and Milestone have contributed to 75% of the total Android sales.

Decline of Smartphone ASP and Android ASP in India

13.As against the ASP of smartphone devices, Android ASP drop has been more aggressive. Android OEMs have been aggressively trying to position to newer categories of users, thereby increasing the audience, appeal and the numbers. Between Q1,2009 and Q3,2011, Android ASPs came down by 43% while the overall smartphone ASPs came down by 19%.
14.In the 7 quarter period, Q1,2010 to Q3,2011, Android multiplied sales by a factor of 41x. Corresponding ASP drops was 36%.

15. Mid end Androids have been the most successful in Indian markets with 56% of total Android sold belonging to the $100-$299 category.

With Samsung testing the sub-10K price segment for Youth categories for Android, this category will accelerate in time sto come.

16. Interestingly enough a lot of local Indian brands tried riding on the wave of Android in lower segment but as stated earlier Android’s have been more successful when launched and marketed by the larger brands.

Data sourced from Import numbers for mobile phones in India

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