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Apple to distrupt and set new standards in VoIP platforms now

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on March 27, 2012

If the signs are to be read and read in the right direction, Apple is looking to add voice-over-IP (VoIP) capabilities to the next generation iPhones and iPads. That is a very interesting add-on to the Apple portfolio- Did Apple just launch its own network carrier service – After all, owning the complete value delivery network is something that will not be an idea which Apple will be averse to. To its credit, Apple has carrier killers such as iMessage (SMS killer) and Facetime (Video chat killer) in its repository. The Apple owning up the dumb pipe may border on Apple becoming a 4G-MVNO or on a more extreme level, buy its own 4G network. However, Apple doesnot look to be in the game for raw connectivity. Delivering Apps, services and customer experiences through brilliantly connected devices is one thing, raw connectivity is quite another.

Ergo, it could be a better integration of the VoIP technicalities to serve its device integration better with the carriers. The more likely scenario is Apple launches a cross-device VoIP platform that allows customers to trade phone calls among iPhones, iPads and Macs. The beauty of VoIP is that it’s not just voice; it supports all kinds of features, from multimedia and video conferencing to instant messaging and presence that you simply can’t shove into legacy circuit networks. Apple could create an SIP-based communications platform that integrates FaceTime, iMessage and voice into a single multifaceted service, available exclusively to any member of the Apple club. One thing that could be expected from Apple is that it could re-do the wireless industry VoIP standards – that’s comething more Apple like. The possibilities from Apple’s perspectives are many and more.

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