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Microsoft: Now or never on Tablets

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on June 8, 2012

Android’s weakness may be Windows’s gain.

Even as ComScore reported four straight months of Android smartphone growth slowdown in 2012 (Jan- April) in US markets, the one device that Android has failed to lord over globally is tablets – it remains Android’s Achilles heal. Amazon was a single quarter flash in the pan and it remains to be seen how Amazon leverages its content comptence to lift up its delivery device- Tablet sales.

Now with Windows8 tablets making their first appearance – it is expected that Windows8 will usher in the new wave of Microsoft devices – tablets and ultrabooks with the keyboard dock and touch functionality.

Morgan Stanley has predicted that after Apple and their iPad, Microsoft will take the number two spot in the tablet market, in the process surpassing Android. 

Morgan Stanley now estimates shipments of 133 million tablets in 2012, up 57% from their original estimates; and 216 million tablets in 2013, up 112%. No surprise there, tablet sales have been growing fast — despite high-profile stumbles by Hewlett-Packard and Dell — thanks to demand for Apple’s iPad. The report expects 25% of (new) users expect to buy Windows 8 tablet. Office will be the key feature, especially for those considering their first tablet purchase. Microsoft would be able to attract tablet builders by bundling its two strongest personal computer brands — Office and Windows.

Microsoft’s hopes are pinned on the success of the tablet – if Microsoft can’t make itself relevant in the tablet market now, the value of its Windows and Office brands will only get weaker over time as Apple and Google push alternatives to Office such as Apple’s iWork and Google Docs on iOS and Android tablets. For Microsoft, it’s now or never.

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