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How the iPhone5 measures up?

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on July 7, 2012

At launch, iPhone was christened Jesus Phone and over the last 5 years, while there have been challengers to crown of the “World’s best smartphone”, iPhone has seen most of the challengers and challenges off. The list of iPhone contemporaries includes Moto Droid, HTC Evo 4G and Samsung Galaxy SII prominently.

However with every iteration, the Android army has gotten nearer to the iPhone so much so that Samsung Galaxy SIII is arguably a better device than iPhone4S. With a 4.1 upgrade, the Siri factor should also take care of itself (Google Now).

However, if rumours are to be believed the iPhone5 will do what it is expected to do. Raise the bar a notch higher for the Samsungs, Motos and HTCs to aspire for. Here’s how the iPhone5 scores over the Samsung SIII

1. Samsung will retain the screen edge with the massive 4.8″ screen. However to iPhone5’s credit, this is the first screen size upgrade to iPhone in 5 iterations in 5 years. Apple will thus graduate to 16:9 resolution, rather than the 3:2 currently.

2. It is rumoured that the Exynos processor, which powers the SIII will be the one that will power iPhone5 with a quad core.

3. In terms of design, Apple will hold the aces with a supposed Liquid metal which is quasi glass feel which in terms of touch and feel will be heads and shoulders above the Plasticy Samsung SIII

4. Perhaps the most earth-shattering change in the iPhone 5 is that it’ll reject the 30-pin connector used across iPods, iPads and iPhones in favour of a much-smaller (reportedly) 19-pin model. While a converter would be in scheme of things, this could momentarily create inconveniences for hardware/accessory makers in Apple stable.

5. Apple has sacrificed an increase in battery power to maintain the slimness of the machine. However one expects that it would still be higher than the 1430 mAh in iPhone4S

6. iPhone5 slimness quotient is worth raving. iPhone5 would cut the slimness quotient by a factor of 19% for iPhone 4S and 11% against the Samsung Galaxy SIII

7. In terms of pixel density, iPhone5(325PPI) would be 6% more richer than Samsung Galaxy SIII (305PPI)  and 13% richer than iPhone4S(305PPI).

8. Last and final, rumours abound about 3D camera given the Apple patents around the same. While its a long shot, it is a dream shot. Hope Apple gets this through because the camera story needs to more than a linear progression into something more meaningful

Any bets on the Apple share price at iPhone5 launch? I would bet $700

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