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Tablets and the evolution of Mobile advertising

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on August 8, 2012

The growing popularity of tablets is encouraging not just print publishing and television service providers to go mobile, but advertisers as well.Tablets, thanks to their larger screens and more engaging media experience, will account for 53% of mobile advertising dollars in 2014, compared to 47% for mobile handsets. That number is expected to grow to 60% by 2016.

A quarter of tablet owners clicked on ads while using apps, and 29% purchased extra content. Additionally, on average, tablet owners buy 1.7 paid apps  per month, while smartphone users buy 1.1.

A recent study by the Yankee group provides the directions towards tablets propelling and growing the future of Mobile advertisements and media.

•    Tablets are leading content owners, service providers and advertisers to go mobile. Tablet usage extends beyond games into print publishing and rich media. A fifth of tablet app downloads are for shopping and banking—an indication of the device’s potential for mobile commerce.

•    Over two-thirds of tablet owners are frequent video watchers. Pay TV services, producers and advertisers are rising to the challenge with optimized apps and dual-screen functionality. Video viewing is set to increase as mainstream adopters—who are even more video-oriented—buy into tablets.

•     Tablet ad revenues will surpass handsets by 2014. Mobile advertising works on tablets. In-app ads are especially effective and generate responses from a quarter of their target audience.

•     Over a third of tablet owners purchase multimedia from application stores. Apple’s App Store is a key strategic advantage and remains a killer incentive for developers to prioritize iOS. No surprise, then, that Google turned the spotlight on Google Play in the Nexus 7 tablet launch. The application store forms a decisive battleground for ecosystem rivals.

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