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The most valuable company ever- Apple!

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on August 21, 2012

At the peak of dot-com bubble, Microsoft hit $620.6 bn valuation in 1999. The latest rally at Apple, has over-hauled Microsoft’s summit and made Apple the most valuable company of all time at $623.5bn.

Interestingly enough, all the tech titans such as HP, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Blackberry, Amazon and facebook put together are able to shadow Apple’s m-cap, just abaout. Goven that iPhone5 is round the corner and the Q4 is traditionally Apple’s strongest season, there is a strong possibility that the share price at Apple could touch $750 overhauling the $700 bn m-cap for Apple. Apple is well on its way to becoming the first $trillion company in the world. Thats no mean feat because there are about 16-17 countires globally who have a annual GDP more than $trillion

SO what could trip Apple? Product and experience is Apple’s strength. What could really make the going tough for Apple is that the faster it grows the lesser head room it has in the future. The only thing that could trip Apple’s growth is really its base and the head room.

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