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The flight of Tablets in India

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on October 9, 2012

Fall in Entry level pricing has been instrumental in driving tablet sales in India which peaked at 5.5 lakh units in the second quarter of 2012, growing 59% over Q1, 2012 as per CMR report. This is a 6 fold increase against the Q2, 2012 numbers and it is in line with my expectations of 2.5 million tablet units to be sold in india in CY 2012.

Micromax emerges as the surprise number.1 beating the fancied Samsung and Apple – Micromax cornered 18.4% of the market compared to Samsung’s 13.3% and Apple 12.3%. During 2Q 2012, 47.4 per cent of tablet sales were from new entrants in the market with a strong focus on addressing application areas in the Education and Entertainment segments. This trend demonstrates clearly that vendors are positioning their devices at India’s youth. Close to 90 vendors launched their tablets till 2Q 2012.The average selling value (ASV) of the tablets in 2Q 2012 has dropped to little above Rs 13,000 from Rs 26,000 in 1Q 2012, as a majority of vendors in early 2012 launched their products in the Rs 5,000-10,000 price range.

The major feature ternds include WiFi connectivity, 7″ form factor, Android OS as the de-fault, 1GHz processor speeds and 512MB RAM.

Indian tablet personal computer (PC) market will touch 7.3 million units by 2015-16 from around 1.7 million units in the current year (CMR Data). My estimates put tablet numbers in India to touch upwards of 2 million units in CY2012. The developing ecosystem of this device will also ensure adoption by many users.

In contrast to tablets, desktop sales grew only 11% and notebook sales grew 26% in last 12 months and will slow down given the cannibalization by tablets category. Also a lot of government effort is twards driving Tablet adoption based on use-case specific internet applications.

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