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Elop – Whose line is he towing?

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on October 19, 2012

If the results from Nokia are any indication, Stephen Elop is in a tight spot – and unless the Lumia launches in Q4, 2012 reap a rich harvest, Elop may be under a huge pressure. Nokia has reported a third-quarter net loss of $1.27 billion as revenue plunged 19% and sales of its flagship Windows Phone fell to 2.9 million units. Revenue dropped to $9.45 billion and furthermore, Nokia has given a grim outlook for the rest of the year. While the numbers seem to have reversed as against Q2, 2012, Nokia is now pinning all its hopes on the Lumias – a desperate and a dire situation to be in. Given the dominance of the iPhone5 and the Androids, Nokia’s comeback kid, Lumia may risk a lukewarm response which may not re-kindle the comeback hopes for Nokia.

Nearly 20 months after the announcement of the Windows smartphone polarization, Stephen Elop really hasn’t much to show in terms of smartphone numbers. While Nokia’s reliance on the strategy of third platform option against Apple and Android is definitely true, but Elop just seems to be talking more Microsoft. As a phone maker, Windows has not really turned things around for Nokia. Has it? Instead over the last 2 years, Elop has steadily and unfailing ditched every other promising option – be it Meego, Maemo, Meltemi and now Symbian Belle in favour of Microsoft Windows.

So, Q4 is now the crunch quarter – Nokia will have to our perform with the Lumias – make it a smashing success. Anything less than smashing success will not inspire anyone. Given the Apple iPhone5’s 58 million numbers and the march of Samsung Android’s, it is difficult to imagine customer interest and instore-purchase of Nokia Lumias to be moonbound in the 1st quarter of its launch. What really beats me – is that Nokia has now put Symbian in maintenance mode and all the future roadmap of Symbian is cancelled. Nokia Symbian devices still outsells Windows-powered Lumias, by 3.4 million to 2.9 million, in Q3, 2012. Pulling the (investment and development effort) plug on your cash cow isnt the wisest thing – is it?

The question for Elop remains – Whose line is he towing? Nokia? Or Microsoft? And is Microsoft really planning a take-over

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