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Beating Oppressive regimes – Social media as civil resistance

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on November 30, 2012

In an era where information and communication is getting democratized and is increasingly becoming a tool for repressed social classes to express themselves as part of intensive campaigns of civil resistance, Oppressive regimes have resorted to Internet Black Outs, Internet Censorship, Social Media/ Facebook/Twitter Censorships to snub out people’s voice. However, companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter have worked on way-abouts to reach out to the people and help them reach out to the world media.

Today’s Internet blackout at Syria is one such example where Google has now started a call service to post tweets through a voice connection. Here’s how Google is helping people’s voice on Twitter. A great example of service to people!

Syria Blackout #2 - G+ Page

Syria Blackout #2 – G+ Page

Syria Blackout #1 - Google round about

Syria Blackout #1 – Google round about

On Twitter’s becoming the voice of people –  Post the Arab Spring, this is yet further proof of Twitter’s pre-eminence as a communication platform. In many ways it represents the kind of impartial, democratic, cheap yet scalable media tool that the Internet has always promised. Indeed, in many ways, Twitter has begun to function as a protocol rather than as a product.


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