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Connected Camera Begins!

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on December 9, 2012

The headline reminds me of “Batman Begins!” – 1st part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

However, unlike the Batman series which made some epochal contributions to the world of movies – the Samsung Galaxy Connected Camera (Even while it breaks new ground in Camera connectivity to the Internet), isn’t essentially a breakthrough device in terms of the value that it brings to the customer. It does bring a novelty and innovation tag to Samsung – which is now exceeding itself and transforming itself from a Fast Follower (Read Apple) to a Innovator.

Firstly the specs and features and there isn’t much reading here- Clearly Samsung has extrapolated its competency in the Galaxy smart-phone and leveraged it to bring forth a device that centers on the Camera and the Networked. The device by itself is a smart looking thingie and from what the initial reviews say – it is dimensionally/ergonomically easy to carry around in the pocket.


Now then comes the all important question of how this device is positioned and will it be able to cut ice in a melee of converged devices. The key is convergence – and if the trend from EBook readers and MP3 players is read through – both these stand alone (single/dual function boxes) do not quite run the favor of customers. Both EBook readers and MP3 devices are onwards a gentle decline which in product marketing terminology would be branded as End of Life. The vote goes to the converged set of devices – which is this case is the smart-phone. The new converged devices pretty much does the same as compared to the connected Camera along with other moves such a music, gaming, browsing, calling, texting and more.

A critical component of the Productization and Penetration process is the Price. Priced at Rs.29999 (Rs.29850 on deals), the Connected Camera is dearer than the entry level DSLRs. A DSLR is a semi professional device that the connected Camera intends to substitute. However, DSLRs are much more versatile in terms of the Imaging technology – a touch screen camera with Applications is an interesting substitute- but there is nothing that can beat the concept of changeable lenses that the DSLRs provide. Thus the Connected Camera will not be a semi-professional/professional’s device of choice.

In effect, Smartphones will continue to rule Casual Imaging and DSLRs will rule the professional imaging – Thus leaving the Connected Camera with fewer options exceot perhaps a geek (with money) who just wants the device for the sake of having it.Bottomline – I dont see the Connected Camera carving out a niche for itself.

Thus the Connected camera to me is about Samsung’s coming of age on devices- the benefits in terms of capability and competency enhancement will accrue to the Galaxy Smartphone in its imaging division – a great way to take the challenge to Nokia Pureview.

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