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Why am I so deeply sceptical of BB10 as RIM’s comeback kid?

Posted in Uncategorized by Manas Ganguly on January 31, 2013

BB10I would like it Blackberry makes the fabled comeback – except that there is an overwheliming feeling that Z10 and BB10 donot really put RIM and Blackberry on any comeback. A few top of the mind thoughts on BB10/Z10-

Without a shred of doubt, the BB Z10 is a great device – and RIM has exceeded itself in making the comeback device which is in equivalence of Samsung SIII & Apple iPhone5 & Nokia Lumia 920. But device parity, 70k apps & new UI OS just ain’t cutting it- BB needed something remarkable to break thru Android & Apple clutter. In so far as i see it, BB Z10 ain’t magical to break the clutter. Or so it seems? Its a great comeback effort for BB – for now Z10 may keep them from going out of contention – & that is what BB wanted Z10 to do for it.

The Blackberry 10 touts apps such as Timeshift, Flow & Peak, Predictive Keyboard and the Hub. Yes, they are all good- but for the users of apps- this list is perhaps jaded. Its a couple of years old. How the device does it is the key – but hey! i dont see the novelty in here. On numbers compre this with 650K (or whereabouts) Apps on Apple or Android. The key here was the app moving beyond the device – to perhaps some other device – a tablet integration, a TV integration, a Car Dashboard integration. Blackberry is only at step 1 and Apple/Android are halfway about a couple of stories ahead. I cant still talk to the Blackberry for instance!The bare-bones maps app and a deficit of camera features are two examples where BB has a lot of distance to cover.

The slick video of BB10 OS make a great selling point and theres no denying that – but it looks to be a little late in the day – Screen Share, Remember, WebEx, Share et all!

The BlackBerry10 is ready just like a car before the race, now they need to avoid stalling and crashing along the way- Carolina Milanesi

In my opinion, BB10,Z10 and Q10 give that little space, that little breather and that little Oxygen that Blackberry needed to survive. With a few good operator tie ups- Blackberry has fixed the short term – only to rebuild for the longer wars ahead.

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