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Facebook Home: Aint like home! (I ain’t want to live there for sure)

Posted in Social context, media and advertising by Manas Ganguly on April 6, 2013

What started at Facebook as a phone idea has now materialized as a mobile platform. That would not surprise many out there especially with Mark Zuckerberg ranting on about his ambitions to become a mobile company. With a billion and more users on Facebook – it was about time, Facebook would try and engage its audiences in a more controlled environment to be able to make better revenues. Facebook wanted to be the central entity in the mobile users life and thus the Facebook home.

Facebook Home

Facebook Home is an alternative launcher on Android. This wraps the Facebook services around the home screen for the user – networking, chatheads, messaging, likes, follow, sharing, messaging, feeds, chatheads and more. However, Facebook Home hasn’t done any deep modifications to Android, like Amazon did with its Kindle Fire tablets. That allows Facebook Home to run on existing phones, in addition to new phones with Home pre-installed – a layer that runs on top of your existing Android software.

Eventually, Facebook plans to show advertisements somewhere within Home, and the company may also open up certain features of Home to other apps. Thus Facebook Home is to become to mobile & social what Google is to search; Question is – do I really need it? There’s so much of Facebook overload anyways that the evolved & matured users are moving away from Facebook. And FB is trying to put its wrapper around my mobile yet again?

From the user perspective, an agregator service has held the most promise but has delivered in the least. Classic example – iGoogle. Thus FB home is as Fab a concept as it gets- but FB fatigue may be a key impediment from mass usage. I am not sure but i am not exactly comfortable looking at my Facebook timeline every time i look at my home screen. And then there is alsways the privacy bug around the Facebooks and Googles of the world!

Bottomeline there – Facebook Home is worth a visit, but it isn’t yet a place I want to live. The way i see it Facebook home will induce a lot of trials but sooner users will get fatigued and turn it off! Zuckerberg needs to be smarter than this to make Facebook the centre of mobile experiences!

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