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India Tablet Market (Q1, 2013)

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on June 5, 2013

The inexorable march of the Tablet category is pretty much in place – even while the 5.7″, 6″,5.3″ form factors are gaining ground and acceptance in India. The Indian tablet market is set to double up from its 2012 numbers.

Q1, 2013 registered 905K tablets sold in India which was a 159% YoY increase from the Q1, 2012 figures. While this number was 21% less than Q4,2012 – that is explained by the seasonality of the purchase. The Indian Tablet markets pick has been faster in second halves owing to lot of factors.

Tablets Q1, 2013

These numbers are reported by CMR. As many as 59 domestic and international OEMs shipped their tablet PCs to India and led to a fragmented market with only 9 vendors beyond 20K tablet sales. However Indian consumers showed no bias towards International brands – as Datawind took the top honours with 15.3% of the market edging out Micromax at 12.3% Apple’s iPad mini enabled a come back to No.3 position with 11.3% market shares.

Leader Board

The leaderboard points to a sort of polarization of India Tablet user segments – one set looks primarily for performance and best-in-class build quality and typically opts for the high-end Apple iPad, while the other segment looks for a wide range of features at an affordable price point and opts for brands like Datawind and Micromax.

To round of this analysis, there are these three trends that would drive the adoption of the tablet segment in consumers as well as enterprises in the days to come
1. While 3G data enabled tablets contribute only 28% of the Total Indian tablet markets, it is expected that this segment will see some serious action and expansion in days to come with the possible launch of low cost 3G SOC solutions by MTK.2. 2013-14 being the election year, one would see a lot of government doles in terms of tablet devices.
3. Also, one of the other trends that i am betting to see a lot more is the customization of tablets for specific industrial segments as we will see tablets featuring more on the Enterprise BYOD space.
4. Solutions such as Vernacular based solutions, Micro finance/Micro Credit/Financial Inclusion, Insurance industry solutions, Healthcare/patient record/ Patient history digitizations apps, Agrarian and Retail Point of Sale Applications will be key to segment growth in the coming days.

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