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Trivia: World’s Fastest Internet

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on July 29, 2013

Which countries have the fastest internet connection? The rankings by Akamai Technologies cover January through March and are based on average peak connection speeds. The US still does not make it to the top 10 and India languishes at 109.


Hong Kong/ Speed: 63.6 Mbps
The hyper-dense Hong Kong maintained its dominance on the list of regions with super-fast internet access. Hong Kong’s average peak speed was an impressive 63.6 megabits per second (Mbps), which was more than three times the global average of 18.4 Mbps. Hong Kong’s average was 9% faster than the previous quarter and 29% speedier than a year ago.

Japan/ Speed: 50 Mbps
The home of Nintendo and Sony had the second fastest internet speed, thanks to the high-speed fibre optics that run through many parts of the island nation. Japan’s average peak broadband speed reached an impressive 50 Mbps, which was more than 170% faster than the global average.

Romania/ Speed: 47.9 Mbps
When last checked in on Romania, it was ranked No. 5 and was the only country to see its average fall from the previous quarter. The country is now back on track, and has elevated itself with an average peak speed of 47.9 Mbps. That’s 160% faster than the global average. Romania’s average was 9% higher than the previous quarter.

South Korea/ Speed: 44.8 Mbps
Serious PC gamers who want to dominate in StarCraftneed fast, low latency internet connections. They’ll find that in South Korea, home to consumerelectronics giants Samsung and LG. The country’s average peak hit 44.8 Mbps, about 143% faster than the global average. It was the only region to lose speed compared with a year ago, falling 6%.

Latvia/ Speed: 44.2 Mbps
Smaller countries are easier to blanket with high-speed internet, which is one of the reasons why Latvia consistently ranks high on this list. The average peak broadband speed was 44.2 Mbps, about 140% faster than the global average.

Singapore/ Speed: 41.1 Mbps
When it comes to places with speedy internet access, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin picked a good country to call his new home. Singapore had an average peak speed of 41.1 Mbps, more than twice the global average. The top speeds were 43% speedier than a year ago.

Switzerland/ Speed: 40.3 Mbps
Switzerland is a major hub for the finance industry, which demands hyper-fast digital connections. Appropriately, the country had an average peak internet speed of 40.3 Mbps. The country’s top speeds were 12% faster than the previous quarter and 41% speedier than a year ago.

Bulgaria/ Speed: 38.2 Mbps
Bulgaria, known for its low taxes and cheap labour, maintained the ranking it held in our previous report with an average peak internet speed of 38.2 Mbps. That was a 14% increase over the previous quarter.

Netherlands/ Speed: 38.2 Mbps
The Netherlands didn’t make the top 10 in our earlier report, but managed this time to land in 9th place with an average peak broadband speed of 38.2 Mbps. It increased its top speeds by 15% than previous quarter.

Belgium/ Speed: 38 Mbps
In our earlier report, Belgium ranked 6th in average peak speed. Although the country’s fastest connections increased 14% over the previous quarter, it wasn’t enough for it to keep pace with others.

US/ Speed: 36.6 Mbps
Six months ago, the US was ranked No. 14. Since then, it’s moved up to 11th place — still short of the coveted top 10. Average peak speed in the US increased 11% over the previous quarter to 36.6 Mbps.

London/ Speed: 36.3 Mbps
London’s Startup Hub Tech City still lags behind the success of Silicon Valley. But one area where the UK has nearly caught up with the US is internet speed. It is an impressive 53% speedier than a year ago.

India/ Speed: 10.6 Mbps
India is ranked 109, with a top peak speed average of 10.6 Mbps. It is 27% faster than the last quarter and 34% faster than last year. It is the second lowest among Asian countries, followed only by China’s average peak connection speed of 8.3 Mbps.

India’s average connection speed is 1.3 Mbps, the lowest among Asian countries. It is ranked 114 on the list. The top spot goes to South Korea with 14.2 Mbps. Only 2.4% of India’s internet connections have 4 Mbps speed or more, and only 0.3% have 10 Mbps or more

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