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New Cell Phone Radiation Norms: Death for the GSM phones/ 3G gets a shot in the arm

Posted in Device Platforms, Technology impact on economy and population by Manas Ganguly on September 1, 2013

The new radiation norms for mobile phones in India will come into effect from today. This entails no more than 1.6 watts over 6 minutes of usage. All handsets to be sold in India from now on will have to display exact how much radiation they emit/ SAR value.


With the new SAR norm, India would become one of few countries that are following the most stringent norm of 1.6 watt per kg average over six minutes period on 1 gram of human tissue.

This would be the death knell to the GSM standard mobile handsets in favour of the WCDMA/3G handsets. Devices on the WCDMA/3G/CDMA platform are inherently less harmful than mobiles on GSM standard as has been proven by the following studies-

1. Studies by Joel Moskowitz at UC Berkeley indicate GSM phones to emit 28 times more radiations compared to CDMA/WCDMA/3G phones.
2. The November 2009 issue of “Journal of Clinical Oncology,” indicates usage studies on GSM/WCDMA standards indicate that 37 percent of GSM phone studies indicated a link to tumor risks. About 15 percent of WCDMA/3G phone studies found a similar link.
3. April 2011 issue of the “International Journal of Science Technology and Management cites GSM cell phones to increase brain activity between four and 24 times greater than WCDMA/3G cell phones.
4. The reason for the difference between EM radiation of GSM versis CDMA/WCDMA cell phones is the use of higher transmission/transmitter power. On an average, GSM phones use 2watt/sec transmission power, where as WCDMA/CDMA technology uses a tenth of that power (200 mWatt/sec). This is manifested by the higher dBm (deciBell milliWatt) ratings of the GSM phones.

While exposure to EM Radiation cannot be strictly zeroed on cell phone usage – annecdotal evidence supports cell phone usage with increase in exposure to radiation. Exposure can be minimized by use of landline phones, phones on CDMA/WCDMA standards and use of earphones to increase the distance between the human body and the device.

This new regulatory statute would thus serve in favour of WCDMA handsets and would kill off GSM devices on the whole. Increasing WCDMA volumes would also mean greater affordability for such devices – and thus the economies of scale and penetration would step in.

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