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Look what the Smartphones have disrupted now – Jeans!

Posted in Technology impact on economy and population by Manas Ganguly on September 17, 2013

As user, usage and habits wrap around the omnipresence of smartphones, handhelds are exerting disruptive influences on other industries completely in unrelated dimensions. Case in point – with the profusion of tablets, phablets and smartphones regularly beating the 5″ mark, jeans and trousers brands are under pressure from their customers to increase the dimensions of the pockets to carry phones easily and comfortably.

Pants with Mobile pockets

U.S. casual wear maker Dockers is reengineering the pocket configurations of it jeans and khakis to keep up with the needs of buyers who are phablet users, many of them will be lugging along pocket devices this year that could breach the 6-inch. Dockers recommends the Mobile Pocket Khaki, which according to Dockers is a perfect fit for the super-sized smartphones.

The usual belt clips are difficult solutions because of the size of the devices. Pockets are being designed to carry super size phones in a manner that the phones do not fall off – and are comfortable to carry as against the sensation of lugging a 150 gram monster around.Also the pockets need to take care that the device is not subjected to long hour bend stresses (What a phone in the back pocket would experience while a person would sit – the key here is damage to the front panel). One would also have to factor in that many of the devices would actually share pocket space with coins and other elements likely to scratch the surface. All these and possibly more considerations go to redesign pockets around smartphones.

Expecting the Fall Winter or Summer collections of designers to now change to accomodate super sized phones in large size pockets.

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