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3D printing begins!

Posted in 3D printing by Manas Ganguly on November 25, 2013

The first 3D printer is now soon to be reality. Far from the more fancied use cases of 3D printing AK47s, Human Organs and more complex systems; the first 3D printer by Israeli firm Camtek Ltd., will 3D print Printed circuit boards. This will world’s first commercial grade 3D printer for circuit boards. Camtek is expected to debut the device by early 2014. The 3D inkjet Solder mask printer is currently in advanced stages of technical maturity for commercial launch.


Given the huge opportunity and scope for 3D printing technology, Camtek’s printer may be the first baby step and the industry would see n revolutions before technology stability and product maturity – but the significance is in taking the first step. It will be interesting to follow the advent and the march of 3D printers.

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