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E 75: Doing the honours till N 97 hits ground!

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on February 12, 2009
e7511e7531The mercurial N series line up has not churned some great ones after the N 95. Instead it was E 71 which turnedthe heat for Nokia last summer. Then came the E 63, essentially a colour refresh for E 71. The latest in the Nokia armoury in E 75! the first of its kind, this will be a complete departure from Nokia’s hardware architecture. It is an ultra-slim dual-keypad slider with a standard 0-9 pad beneath the display and a landscape QWERTY exposed by the slide. Chrome accents, sleek rounded lines, a nice wide full keyboard – it’s all good.
A 2.4 Inch, 240*320 display with a 3.2 MP Camera, HSPDA and Wi Fi is how it packs its punch. This would hold the place before the N 97 comes in this summer.
Pity, Nokia doesnot have significant representation in operators in NA.
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