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The Tablet growth rush

Posted in Industry updates, Mobile Computing, Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on September 15, 2011

Media tablet shipments grew at a solid pace in the second quarter, led by continued strong demand for Apple products. The growth in tablet shipments through Q2, 2011 continues unabated as shipments rose by 88.9 percent between the first and second quarters, or 303.8 percent year-over-year. Apple continued its stranglehold of the global tablet shipments by uping its market share from 65.7% in Q1, 2011 to 68.3% in Q2, 2011.RIM which entered the market during the second quarter with the BB Playbook cornered 4.9% of the market share and most of this gain was at the cost of Android tablets. Android tablets, which previously held 34 percent of the market during the first quarter of the year, fell to 26.8 percent in the second quarter.

The Tablet Growth rush story

The Tablet Growth rush story

Android which is ruling the smartphone charts is expected to loose a little more in Q3, 2011 due to the $99 HP Touchpad numbers. HP in the mean time is expected to do a 4.7% cameo in Tablet market shares in Q3,2011 before going out of the tablet markets altogether. Even if a recovery for Android’s is sighted in Q4,2011, Apple will hold on to a 40% delta/differential share between itself and Android.

However, what looks increasingly possible is the emergence of a third competitor to iPad dominance and its is expected that Windows 8 powered devices could take this position to themselves. The case for QNX powered Playbooks doesnt look strong and HP Touchpad will exit in Q4, 2011 giving Microsoft an opening of 10% market share if the WP OEMs are able to leverage Microsoft’s superior platform, robust OS, enterprise back-integration and the MS eco-system to market their devices best.

The tablet markets are still on their ascendance and the size of the pie is growing. Apple seems to have taken a pole position in terms of its exclusivity, unmatched user experience and its ability to connect through the alll other Apple devices. Android’s look increasingly like they would own up the consumer segment and would keep penetrating lower in terms of reach and pricing and thus the massification of the Android tablet. The WP tablet could take the enterprise leverage which Windows anyways has and would backward integrate with the legacy systems which thus could be a very strong position.

By March 2013, Deloitte expects that worldwide, 35% of the overall tablet PC base of around 100 million units will be delivered by iPhones, 40% by Android-based tablets, 15% by Windows-based tablets and the remaining by other technologies.

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