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The dawn of smart grid/metering solutions in Electricity distribution and consumption

Posted in New Technologies, Value added services and applications by Manas Ganguly on June 19, 2010

Smart metering solutions for measuring and monitoring electricity consumption is a pro-active and intelligent approach to a understanding of consumption patterns and values, anticipating blips and trenches and powering smart distribution. The objectives and usages may vary from trend analysis, understanding and forecasting in advanced economies such as US, Western Europe and Japan to enabling proper distribution and minimizing distribution losses in developing economies and third world nations such as Afro-Asia. A small example of the Smart metering solution at work Google and Microsoft targeting to make users/consumers aware of their consumptions through their online tools such as Microsoft Hohm and Google Powermeter in US. In India however, smart metering can help monitor and prevent losses to the tune of Rs.25000 per annum in terms of Transmission and Distribution of Power. This constitutes 25% of the total electricity produced in the country and the losses effect to a -1.5% on GDP growth.

However, According to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, the installed base of smart electricity meters in Asia-Pacific is projected to grow at 91% CAGR between 2009 and 2015 to reach 116.5 million at the end of the period. Penetration for smart metering technology is projected to soar from very low levels to 25.0 percent by the end of the period. By the mid-2010s, the majority of all electricity meters shipped in the region is expected to have advanced functionalities and networking capabilities. Berg Insight anticipates that the leading economies in the region will have close to 100 percent penetration by 2020. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market for smart metering solutions in the world. South Korea has begun the construction of a nationwide smart grid where intelligent energy meters constitute the basic building-block. Japan’s two largest power utilities have announced plans for full-scale smart meter deployments in this decade and China is preparing a nationwide rollout within three to five years. Altogether the three countries have an installed base of more than 360 million electricity meters today.

The trend in large parts of Afro-Asian Continent is yet to begin and would present a substantial challenge and revenue opportunity to firms aiming to control their networks and aiming for smart distribution.

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