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Nokia shuts the door on Ovi! (Finally)

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on May 16, 2011

Ovi was Nokia’s aces, trumphs and everything put together. Ovi which means “Doors” in Finish was an ambitious plan to open the doors of branded Nokia services to the Nokia users. Unfortunately that never happened. Nokia has now announced that it will phase out the Ovi brand eventually by 2012 in favour of a single Nokia brand, Nokia services. The transition begins with new devices being launched this July, August. Although Nokia has not specified which countries will see the rebranding first, it is expected that North American and European markets will see the new Nokia brand first, completing across all countries and services by the end of 2012. The services roadmap continue unaltered. This is one of a long list of changes for Nokia and an admission that the Ovi brand never really worked ever since 2007 when it launched the Ovi brand. As of April 2011 there were exactly 5.0 million downloads every day, also 158 developers reached over 1 million downloads for their Applications.

This is the first bold move by CMO Jerri DeVard and an admission of the fact that Ovi brand has failed. This also marks a clear shift in Nokia’s strategy and puts focus on Nokia brand, reducing consumer confusion as Microsoft partnership grows. This transition is expected to last into 2012 and was pretty much inevitable in the wake of Nokia’s hookup with Microsoft earlier this year. Part of that agreement was for Nokia software, Maps in particular, to be made available in other Windows Phone devices and across Microsoft’s range of services, so it makes sense for Nokia to literally put its name on its wares.

The timeline of Ovi with key events around it.

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