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Google+ sign ins: Why does that matter?

Posted in Social context, media and advertising by Manas Ganguly on February 28, 2013

Till some time back, i had a belief that there was a bit of Google in everyone’s internet. Such was Google’s dominance – which then was challenged by the emergence of Facebook and Twitter which took on the identity of a user on the internet. So Facebook and Twitter sign ins became the key to web browsing and discovery. Google which delivers its internet revenue model on recording and using user breadcrumbs on the internet started loosing which is where Google+ came in.

The recent introduction of Google+ based sign ins to websites and apps now enable Google to be woven into the internet habit of users. Google thus re-discovers its user data goldmine. Prior to this Google Calendar and Google Drive already have permitted developers full access. Mobile and Web developers will be able to accept Google sign-ins and — depending on the permissions that the app requests and the user chooses to authorize — gain access to Google+ social sharing.

Even though Google+ as a social platform is approaching its two-year anniversary, Google+ has lagged behind its competitors when offering third-party sign-ins: Facebook Connect is a little over four years old, and Twitter has permitted sign-ins since 2009. LinkedIn offers a similar sign-in option. This aannouncement from Google puts it at par – and extends Google’s view of the user to more than mail, search, video and more.

Whats really cool about this is the way this service integrates cross platform linkages – across mobile and across web apps. Google+ will be able to leverage its Android strengths hugely to establish the lead over Twitter and Facebook.

Imagine now, the kind of leverage Google+ has with this service and the Google Glass or Android TV or Driverless Car! You get it?

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