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Cloud Gaming: When Gaming meets the cloud

Posted in Gaming, The cloud and the open source by Manas Ganguly on June 17, 2010

Content Streaming, Music Streaming and if the trend at E3 is to be believed, the world is now headed to Game Streaming. We would call it “Cloud Gaming”

The Gigahertz Microprocessors and the iPads of the world along with Cloud computing could be unveiling the age of “cloud gaming”. Several companies hope using cloud computing to store games will be the real shift by letting gamers play high-end titles anywhere, on almost any machine. A view to “cloud gaming” is that If fully realized, they say, cloud gaming could be a console killer. The need and the idea is to make video game content increasingly free from the restrictions of device and location, while showcasing the ability to instantly play the latest, most advanced games at the touch of a button. Cloud gaming uses rapid data compression to let users store their games “in the cloud” — on Web servers — and then pull them down and play them using a regular Web browser. It’s the same concept as storing photos on a site such as Flickr or music videos on a MySpace page. The user doesn’t actually have those files on any one particular computer but can access them from anywhere. The only thing the user needs is a capable device, a decent browser and an a fast internet connection. The iPAD seems to be a good answer in terms of a capable device.

The Assasins Creed II finds a new home in the cloud

There are a few companies which are making early inroads into the area of “cloud gaming” and some interesting game titles such as Assassins Creed II, “Batman Arkhalam Asylum” and “Mass Effect II” have found new homes in the crowd and more are to follow. Revenues are to be made from subscription services, or pay per play or even in terms of trail gaming before buying the real monty from a store. Microsoft with its Xbox Live network, Sony with its Play Stationplus, Virgin, aggregators like Onlive and Gaikal are early entrants into this new gaming construct.

Batman: Arkhalam Asylum is another blockbuster to go to the cloud

However, not everyone in the tech community is sold just yet on the concept of “cloud gaming”. Some question whether gamers, who presumably already have at least one gaming console, will pony up again for the ability to play their favorite titles from the cloud.Even if it costs less to rent or play a game — and it probably will … Game streaming will have a tough time competing with actual hardware for all but the most dedicated gamers.

Interesting piece and we would be keeping an eye on that.

Microsoft Natal: Coming this June13th.

Posted in Gaming by Manas Ganguly on March 29, 2010

June 13th 2010:Will Microsoft Unveil the Natal on this day?

Of the three technologies that Microsoft is aggressively pursuing, Natal is intended to be the “Future of Gaming”. The others include Surface (The Future of Touch) and Microsoft’s Cloud computing efforts.

Microsoft is now readying for Xbox 360 Experience press conference at the E3 show in Los Angeles on June 13. I expect it to be the unveiling of the Natal powered new series of Xbox360. However, whether it’s a formal announcement or just another explanation of the technology won’t be known until then.

Natal, is Microsoft’s camera-based motion controller. In early demontrations, the technology has been extremely impressive, although no one quite knows how Natal will hold up in real-world gameplay in millions of different home gaming setups. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft said that the Natal technology would ship by the 2010 holiday season.

In The mean time, Rival Sony is decking the PlayStation Move, a combination of a Nintendo Wii-like nunchuk and the PlayStation Eye camera. I would have liked to see Sony integrate the FOLED technology on this one, but it looks like Sony has conserved that one as the next big story, the next big release.

Enter Blu Ray

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on August 13, 2009

Having lost the video format war, Toshiba Corp is now getting into manufacturing of Blu-Ray disc products. The Japanese electronics maker had backed the high definition video format, HD DVD against the Blue Ray Disc association. The Blue ray association is backed by Japanese rivals Sony Corp and Panasonic Corp. This move is reminiscent of Sony’s strategy after its Betamax videotape standard lost to Panasonic in the 1980’ss and Sony then ended up making VHS products.

Blue Ray HD DVD

It was speculated that Toshiba may skip making Blue Ray products and instead try and develop an even more sophisticated video technology. This move could also have been because of the fact that Toshiba has registered its biggest loss ever (444 billion yen, around $3.5 billion) in the last financial year. Given the economic sluggishness Toshiba may not be keen on investing into a higher order video format standard and has taken to the Blu Ray instead.

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Hottest Gadgets: The T3 hot gadgets countdown

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on March 10, 2009

Voila! Palm was dead long time back… and now its back and How! It tops the 100 hottest gadgets on this planet list and the Palm Pre assumes the “iPhone Killer” title beating Nokia N 97 which comes third in the list (the next best Nokia is at 24 and is the Nokia 5800). Surprisingly Apple DOESNOT feature in the top ten (Can you believe it?). The first Apple is the iPod Touch at 12 and iPhone trails at 14. Sony is the comeback kid this time, with its age old Walkman X Series taking the cake at No 2, PRS 700BC Sony Reader at 6 and theP Series VIAO at 10! Bravia and others also make the ranks. Smartphones as a category take 3 (of the top ten  hottest gadgets) with Palm Pre, Nokia N 97 and Toshiba TG01
Read the full list here:

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