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Mobile’s First for Google

Posted in Internet and Search, Mobile Computing by Manas Ganguly on February 19, 2010

We want to have a little bit of Google in everybody’s transaction with the Internet

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Google Inc Chief Executive Eric Schmidt urged the mobile industry not to block opportunities offered by the mobile Web and said Google and telecoms carriers could have a symbiotic relationship. Google has raised hackles in the industry by launching a smartphone platform — Android — selling its own-branded phone directly to consumers without the mediation of carriers, and announcing plans to build a super-fast broadband network. It has also been seen as a problem by some operators, which are having to invest and upgrade their networks to meet the huge demand for data services required by users spending time on the mobile Internet and sites from search leader Google and others. Eric urged that the surge in data services had to be viewed more constructively in terms of revenue opportunities.

Given Google’s increased focus on smartphone-data services it is not unusual that “Mobile First” is being put as primary focus of the company. The latest acquisition in that space, AdMob, is a result of this new strategy. The signs are there, smartphone sales are growing at a 30% year-over-year rate, which will eventually surpass the personal computer sales.Even more important, the adoption of the Mobile Web is growing annually eight times faster than the Web adoption did a decade ago. In countries like Indonesia and South Africa more searches are done via the mobile Web than via the desktop, it simply cannot be ignored.

Three areas are coming together on the mobile device, namely the Cloud, computing power and interconnectivity. All these three areas converge in the mobile device, making it a most powerful device where strategies need to be developed in order to thrive or at least, survive.

Check this Slideshare Presentation which is a simple, easy and interesting note on Google’s Mobile Strategy.

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