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Microsoft’s marriage to surface computing: Risking Redundancy?

Posted in Computing and Operating Systems by Manas Ganguly on February 12, 2009
U.S. Patent No. 7,479,950 was awarded to Microsoft for a application which tracks position of gadgets and applications on the screen of a computer.

Incidentally, this patent was Microsoft’s 10000th. So far, so good. However, it increasinly begins to look like Microsoft is obatianing and getting patents in a territories which will not find much takers. Surface computing. With the trend moving to the clouds, OSs diminishing, Browsers and web apps getting more potent , Microsoft is increasingly finding its users vacating their seats. Even if nothing, the browsers are migrating to “available for free” instead of a Microsoft License. The Web 2.0 with its freetardonomics principles is something that Microsoft will have to figure out!
So long for Patents!
Interestingly, earlier patents were used a legal aids with which a corporation would defend its turf. Lately however, the trend has changed and Patents are being used as bridges to collaborate with others in developmental stages of new products/technologies! Microsoft has been at this. However, the cloud and  the web 2.0 seem to make the software gaint redundant faster than Microsoft would like it!
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