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New look YouTube strides into larger monetization game! Does it loose out on its USP though?

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on December 3, 2011

YouTube finally gets its image makeover long due to it, considering the fact that this is one of the Google’s biggest and most cuccessful products.Gone is YouTube’s old cluttered image, with ill-defined boxes of widgets that maade it look like an Amateur’s site. Gone is its use of large sections of white page. Replacing all this now is content that is curated and a massive emphasis on personalized channels. Channels are thematically linked sections of the site that would feel a little more like the user’s standard cable TV box perhaps (sports channels, news channels, science…and so on).

1. YouTube now allows the user to customize the homwpage feed and even link up Google+ and Facebook to follow friends activity
2. Channels is the quitessential way of categorzing video content into seminal categories. This allows for an easy profilingof users who lets say prefer music over sports or any other choice. This feature adds a very effective tool for targeting specific user profiles.
3. The thrid is a new paint on the homepage which gives it a refreshing professional and neat look.

What Google is trying to do to every video that’s uploaded is to squeeze it into a channel right from the start–to box it, package it, line it up with similar peers and so on, and to encourage uploaders to think of their audience in the same way that a TV channel may.By banishing the chaotic, eclectic colors, segments and detail of the previous design, and making it easier to stay on video topic as well as keeping up with video recommendations from your social network, it’s trying to keep viewers on the page for longer. The experience is simply more pleasant and easier to navigate.

With over 3 billion hits on YouTube per day, it was perhaps time for Google to consider ways of monetizing around the service. In the end it’s all about money. The key here is that the more users engage with the site, the more eyes-on-advertising time they give to Google. And by aligning itself as a sort of desktop equivalent to a cable TV, with easily accessible Channels of similar content (albeit a mix of user-submitted and professionally created video) Google is trying to compete with TV on more equal footing.

However, YouTube’s USP throughout has been crowd sourcing content and social discovery of content. With shifting emphasis towards ad revenue dollars and also curated and sponsired content, YouTube also take s a divergent path from its initial USP.The new design as it pertains to the design itself is nice, but it seems like the idea around Content making, sharing and discovery is now getting shoved to the backseat in favor of content that looks good on television. That’s not revolutionizing television, that’s simply copying what’s already there on digital space.

You Tube Info-graphic: How it has changed the world of media and broadcast rules

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on August 5, 2010

Founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in February 2005,and bought over by Google in November 2006 for $1.65 billion, You Tube has redefined the way people view and share video as a media. Thus You Tube has turned media/video sharing as a very important part of the internet culture over the next few years.

Here’s an interesting graphic re-presentation of You Tube and facts around it.

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Pay per Download: Will Google milk Money out of YouTube?

Posted in Revenues and Monetization, Value added services and applications by Manas Ganguly on February 17, 2009

I graduated into the internet in the year 2000! My first email account was the huge popular then. However, in mid of 2001, migrated to being a paid service under the American Express group. Almost none its consumer base migrated to the paid service. Internet has been a “liberating and democratic medium”. Information and communication was available free, it was the economics of “Free”. I call it Freetardonomics! A lot of the Freetardonomics was through using Google as the Gateway. On 13th February 2009, Google decided to monetize its hugely popular You Tube. You Tube has been the problem child for Google from sometime because inspite of its huge following, it was not adding revenues and profits to its financials! The paid download is a new way for Google to add monetization options for its services and looking beyond the advertisement streams! Most of the downloads will be charged $1 and Google is trying to replicate Apples iTunes business model. (If users can pay for music, why not videos?). Not all videos will be monetized! One can guess that Google will look to monetize content such as music videos, commercials, soaps and other entertainment content. It would also probably look at educational content to be monetized. The typical model would be a trailor of 30 seconds of the video content and then the channel asking for purchase of the content. However, the one immediate challenge that Google faces is how would it control the hacks and the download tools available to users? How would it control mechanisms like Firefox plug ins and webs sites like, which allow users to rip content from YouTube at will?

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